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Ubiqus Group one of 2018’s main language service providers

In one of its latest reports, Slator, a prime media outlet engaged in the strategic analysis of the translation industry, places the Ubiqus Group at number 17 out of the 33 main language service providers worldwide. Celer Soluciones joined the Ubiqus Group last July and is keen to share this important news with its clients, collaborators and followers.

The Slator 2018 Language Service Provider Index analyses market trends and provides a snapshot of the translation industry by ranking language providers that have seen the strongest growth in 2016 and 2017, whether organically or through mergers and acquisitions. Another key factor Slator has considered for this ranking is the use of the latest technology applied to translation, such as neural machine translation (NMT).

This yearly ranking serves as a specially designed resource for enterprise buyers seeking diversified language solutions on a large scale, including services such as video remote interpreting (VRI) and multimedia localisation. Determined to deliver a solution to increasingly more demanding language requirements in tool-assisted settings, the Ubiqus Group is diversifying its portfolio and expanding its global presence to embrace the latest technological advances in the world of translation, with a view to delivering greater quality in its services to clients.

View Slator’s 2018 ranking and its comments, and the list of enterprises that are candidates for 2019 and read other news that Slator has published about the Ubiqus Group.

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