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Art and Translation. Celer Soluciones, member of Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation

It sometimes happens that, immersed in our daily ‘art’ of translation, faithfully and seamlessly reproducing a text into languages other than the one in which it was created, we forget how lucky we are to have our offices located so close to what many people consider the best art gallery in the world.

This proximity is now stronger than ever, following Celer Soluciones’ decision to collaborate with the Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation.

We have always been aware of the corporate social responsibility that companies should have with culture and now, with this collaboration, we wish to state our firm commitment to supporting and fostering it.

The reason for doing so via this “friendship” is to underline our acknowledgement of the extraordinary work the Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation has been doing since 1980, the year it was established and when it began the many interesting activities targeted at promoting the museum’s collections and the maintenance of its artworks which are a fundamental part of historical and artistic world heritage.

We are proud to become the first translation company to form part of this magnificent project and be able to better and more directly enjoy everything the Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation offers.