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CelerSoluciones, una de las mejores empresas de traducción europeas

Celer Soluciones – One of the best European language service providers

One of the top ten southern European language service providers

According to the annual report of the CSA (Common Sense Advisory) on the leading companies in the translation and interpreting sector, Celer Soluciones has been ranked within the top ten for the area of southern Europe.

CSA, the private market research company specialized in the globalization, internationalization, localization and translation (GILT) industry has just published, as it has every year since 2002, the study  “The Language Services Market: 2016”. The report provides a global and regional overview of factors such as the services offered by companies, their financial performance in the period, and the challenges they face.

The study confirms that the translation market continues to grow at an annual rate of 5.52% and forecasts that if this trend continues, the market will be worth some 45 billion dollars by 2020.

Continued growth for translation companies

The hard fact that we would prefer to communicate in our mother tongue leads to an increase in the demand for translations on a global scale and boosts the growth of the sector, not just in terms of the number of words translated, but in the development of new working processes that enable the translation of a large amount of contents with shorter and shorter turnaround times. Quality and time come up as the essential parameters that language service providers need to consider when delivering the best solution to the client.

Besides this basic preference to express ourselves in our own language, the rise in mobile and ecommerce, the internet of things and, the need to make a range of legal documents available to a variety of groups will play a major role in achieving the forecasts of the CSA over the next few years.

Experts in professional translation

At Celer Soluciones this recognition drives us even more to keep improving our document translation processes, implementing tools to help optimize our turnaround times and guarantee the quality of our professional translation service.