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English-Spanish, the fasting-growing translation language pair online

According to a survey compiled by CSA (The Top 10 Languages That Reign Online), English-Spanish is the language pair with the fastest-growing demand. This is great news for Celer Soluciones, as one of our strengths is specialized translation in this language pair across a variety of business areas. This is explains why we managed a total of approximately 48 million words throughout 2015, with 60% of these words in this language pair.

Other language pairs that are growing faster than others include English-Chinese, English-French, English-German and English-Russian.

The CSA report also highlights the highly competitive nature of the market for these language pairs. This is because the translation market, by its very nature, is highly competitive.

Specialized in professional translation

This competiveness drives us to continue working to enhance our documentation translation and management processes by putting in place tools that help optimize our turnaround times, while delivering a quality service. And, of course, the best professionals (account managers, translators, reviewers, linguists, etc.) play a decisive role in our commitment to ongoing improvement.

If you’ re one of the best, don’t hesitate to send us your CV.